Take a pause.
Take a breath.
Can you hear your own heart beating?
Can you feel the force of your heart pumping blood into your body without you actually having to force it?
Without you having to remembering it and working towards it?
How old are you now?
Consider how many times your heart has beaten until now without you having to do anything for it and still you are here in this very moment.
For you even to be able to read these lines right now.

Can you send gratitude towards your own heart?
Can you see that some things really do work out and have worked out without your struggle to accomplish it?

Maybe we can find gratitude for the „little“ things we overlook, when we feel caught up in struggles.

Maybe we can see deeper.

May we find appreciation in all the things in and around us that support and nurture us every day
without us noticing it nor giving credit it towards it.

May we find peace in this moment
with all the abundance available to us
that other people pray for.

May we find love
for our own life.

This is an invitation to have a special moment.
This is an invitation to acknowledge this a great moment.
For your heart is beating.

Have a great day.